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Pet Spay & Neuter Surgery

Alpine Veterinary Hospital is excited to provide pet spay & neuter surgery to our clients. Read more below!

Pet Spay & Neuter Surgery in The Gorge

Our skilled veterinarians perform spaying and neutering with expertise and care, ensuring the comfort and health of your beloved companions.

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Pet Spay & Neuter Surgery

Ovariohysterectomy, commonly known as “spaying,” is a surgical procedure performed on female dogs and cats. It involves the removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. By doing so, the animal cannot reproduce, eliminating the heat cycle and behaviors associated with breeding instincts. Spaying offers several benefits, including preventing unwanted pregnancies, reducing the risk of uterine infections and reproductive cancers, and better population control.

Orchiectomy, or “neutering” or “castration,” is a surgical procedure performed on male dogs and cats. It involves the removal of the testes. By neutering the animal, he becomes unable to reproduce, and the process can help reduce or eliminate male breeding behaviors. Neutering offers advantages such as preventing unwanted litters, reducing the risk of certain cancers and infections, and curbing roaming and aggressive tendencies in male pets.

At Alpine Veterinary Hospital, we understand the importance of these procedures in promoting your pets’ overall well-being.