Euthanasia; when is it time to say goodbye?

As pet owners we may be faced with difficult decisions involving caring for a pet that is terminally ill or in the end stages of life. How long do we provide care? How do we evaluate quality of life? How can we objectively make decisions about ending or prolonging our pet’s life? None of these questions are easy and there is no one solution that fits all. End of life decisions are personally and emotionally difficult to make. The doctors at HR Alpine Vet have been asked many times over, how do you make a decision to end a pet’s […]

February is Dental Month

February is Dental month at Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital.   We are offering a 15% discount on Dentals for your pets.

Dogs and Cats can develop bad breath, gingivitis and tarter build-up leading to tooth loss.  If these conditions are left untreated, the bacteria and decay in your pet’s mouth can lead to problems with the heart and kidneys. Weight loss and poor appetite can also be a sign that your pet has dental problems.

Horses can also have dental problems.  If you see your horse dropping grain or taking forever to eat a meal, this could be a sign of […]

Rainman – the Alpaca

This is a nice story about “Rainman”, his hard working owners and a team of dedicated veterinarians working together to fix a severe problem. Rainman is an adult Huacaya Alpaca that lives in the Gorge.

In July Rainman broke his front leg in a fence accident and came to Hood River Alpine Vet Hospital late at night on emergency. (See fig. 1) Dr. Foss stabilized the broken leg in a cast and contacted Dr. Steve Petersen who is a surgery specialist that takes care of our specialized surgery cases here at the clinic.

When Dr. Petersen arrived a plan of treatment was […]

Veterinary student intern from Spain

Leyre is a veterinary student intern from Pamplona, Spain studying at the University Alfonso X El Sabio, in Madrid. She is about to begin her second year of vet school. . and is looking to pursue a career working with large animals. She is staying in Hood River for a month at her relative’s house. She has horses and likes sports such as: show jumping, endurance, western and horseball. For those who don’t know what horseball is; is a team sport similar to basketball but on horseback, she says is fun!!
She recently went white water rafting in the White Salmon river!Leyre says […]

Equine Herpes Virus infections

Update; From the Oregon State Veterinarian; May 19,2011

 We now have two confirmed cases of EHM in Oregon. The second case
 occurred in a horse from Umatilla County that was not at the show in
 Ogden but travelled some hours in the same trailer with two horses
 that were returning from the show. As of latest report, the EHM
 positive horse only exhibited a high temperature and not any
 neurological signs.