Alpaca herdmanship is a relatively new profession. Dr. Foss has worked with a number of large and small Alpaca breeders and has become very knowledgeable about  parasite control, newborn health and problems associated with birth. We can help you with all your alpaca herdmanship questions.
In-clinic IgG testing: Failure of passive transfer (inadequate colostrom) in the newborn can lead to lifelong health complications or even death. We offer an in-house test to quickly evaluate the need for further intervention with your newborn cria.

Plasma transfusions: Whether you have a new cria or an adult, plasma transfusions in the alpaca can sometimes mean the difference between a healthy life or death. We keep a plasma supply on hand for just those times.

Caesarian sections: Alpacas are not the same as cows, and in-the-field C-sections are not often recommended. We offer surgical facilities with monitoring equipment that allow for a sterile delivery of your new cria when the need arises.

Hospitalization: Sometimes an illness simply can’t be managed on the farm and hospitalization becomes necessary. We offer large animal hospitalization facilities which allow for intravenous fluids and medications, as well as in-house evaluation with ultrasound, x-ray and blood testing.