Preventative Medicine: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, is still important today. Vaccination, deworming, dental care and weight management are just some of the areas we focus on for preventing disease. Dr. Foss has used ultrasound to diagnose problems in Columbia Gorge pets for over 20 years. From tendons to livers, diagnostic ultrasound provides much useful information.

Allergies are just as common in pets as they are in their owners. If your pet has an itching problem it might be an allergy! We offer services such as allergy testing, allergy injections, allergen free diets and acupuncture, to help you and your pet deal with the frustration of allergies.

Acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of problems in our pets. The most common problems treated by Dr. Foss are arthritis, back pain, disc disease and itching problems. For athletic animals acupuncture is very helpful in reducing the aches and pains associated with an active life as well as maximizing athletic performance.

Surgery: We provide a wide range of surgical procedures. From spays and neuters to abdominal surgeries. All our surgery patients are constantly monitored for heart function, blood pressure, respiration and temperature while anesthetized. We use the safest anesthetics available.

Pain Management: We understand that pain management with surgeries and injuries helps to speed healing. We offer a variety of analgesics and pain management programs to help alleviate your pets discomfort.

Dentistry is becoming recognized as an essential part of health care for all our pets. Small dogs tend to need the most dental care. Many older pets can have life threatening dental problems. We provide safe protocols for anesthetic teeth cleaning aswell as dental radiography.

Pets are living into their senior years in record numbers. They need special attention to remain healthy and comfortable lives. Annual examinations are a key part of maintaining good health. Laboratory tests are especially helpful in identifying hidden “old age” diseases.

Radiography in-house Laboratory are used to diagnose conditions as varied as broken bones to “Will the puppies be able to get out?” Prompt lab results are often critical. We are able to conduct a variety of laboratory tests right here in our clinic and can have critical results available within minutes.

Final Services: We know that losing an old friend is hard. We encourage talking to the veterinarians and staff if you are not sure if “it’s time”.  We offer cremation services to all of our pets, small or large. Grief Counseling is available. To receive help with pet loss you can contact our staff or WSU Pet Loss Hotline @ 1-(866) 266-8635 or (509) 335-5704.