This is a nice story about “Rainman”, his hard working owners and a team of dedicated veterinarians working together to fix a severe problem. Rainman is an adult Huacaya Alpaca that lives in the Gorge.

In July Rainman broke his front leg in a fence accident and came to Hood River Alpine Vet Hospital late at night on emergency. (See fig. 1) Dr. Foss stabilized the broken leg in a cast and contacted Dr. Steve Petersen who is a surgery specialist that takes care of our specialized surgery cases here at the clinic.

When Dr. Petersen arrived a plan of treatment was formulated and agreed upon that surgery would be Rainman’s best option.


Dr. Petersen repaired the broken leg with a steel plate, (See fig. 2) and then Dr. Foss cast the leg and monitored Rainman’s progress for the next eight weeks. The owners were fabulous in caring for Rainman and worked hard to make sure his aftercare was done correctly.

Rainman’s cast was removed in September with the bone completely healed, he was clear to go back to being a normal alpaca.