Patient Stories

Rainman – the Alpaca

This is a nice story about “Rainman”, his hard working owners and a team of dedicated veterinarians working together to fix a severe problem. Rainman is an adult Huacaya Alpaca that lives in the Gorge.

In July Rainman broke his front leg in a fence accident and came to Hood River Alpine Vet Hospital late at night on emergency. (See fig. 1) Dr. Foss stabilized the broken leg in a cast and contacted Dr. Steve Petersen who is a surgery specialist that takes care of our specialized surgery cases here at the clinic.

When Dr. Petersen arrived a plan of treatment was […]

Meet Isaiah!

Isaiah came into Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital last month with symptoms including vomiting and an extended abdomen. After a thorough exam and an x-ray, his diagnosis was Gastric Dilation and Volvus Syndrome. This condition is also known as torsion or bloat.
Bloat happen when the stomach fills with food or water. Once the stomach becomes overextended it has the possibility of twisting which can cut off the circulation to the stomach and intestines. This condition can be fatal and is an emergency that should be seen by your veterinarian immediately.
Luckily, Isaiah was a lucky boy, and with Dr. Foss’s help […]

Foaling pictures – Clarissa and her colt

Clarissa is a registered Haflinger and was a volunteer at Alpine’s open house a couple of months ago. Many of the kids commented that she was very round… we can now see why.


Clarissa was bred with a quarter horse, hoping to have another driving horse who is larger than her. Here are some pictures of the progression of her foaling:

Feeding The Skinny Horse

Horses can become underweight for a variety of reasons. Some horses are just “Hard Keepers”, others are doing a lot of work. Still others have a problem. The most common problems that I see leading to weight loss are:
1. Parasites.
2. Dental problems.
3. Not getting enough to eat.
4. Medical problems.

If you do not know why your horse is underweight then consult with us. If you and your veterinarian have determined that more food is the next step, the following information is for you. You should see improvement in your horse’s weight within 30 days. If not, then see us again.


Forages are […]

The Latest Case of Rabies in Oregon

Last week Oregon had another rabies case. This case was a goat, which is unusual for the Pacific Northwest. Most of the rabies cases in Oregon and Washington can be traced back to bats. Animals like the goat, probably get rabies because they notice the sick bat on the ground and go over to investigate it. They then get bitten in the nose by an other wise peaceful animal and contract rabies.
In Oregon and Washington, bats are the animals most often found with rabies. If you ever find a “sick bat” leave it alone and keep your pets away from […]