Come Visit Us For OPEN HOUSE!

Friday, May 7 th is our annual open house at Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital. We have approximately 300 kids pre-school through first grade from the Hood River area coming to tour the clinic, learn about veterinary medicine and visit with a variety of animals from baby chickens to a cow named Norman. The public is also welcome! We will be giving tours 9 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm.

Dr Foss Vets Ride in Guatemala

World travel is not the first phrase that comes to mind when you think about veterinarians, but a few lucky veterinarians can use their training and education to open up opportunities to travel. Dr. Michael Foss is fortunate to have worked in the field of international Endurance riding for the last 15 years. Dr. Foss’s education in the sport of Endurance has earned him FEI four star status as a Head Veterinarian and Judge.Recently Dr. Foss was asked to be an official Veterinarian at a three star Endurance ride found in Guatemala. The riders had a bit of a challenge […]

Hood River Alpine Vet Open House 2009

Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital welcomes children young and old to this year’s annual open house. Come tour our facilities inside and out, as we show you everything from our laboratory to our surgery suite. Our staff will be giving guided tours and explaining what we do here and the importance of veterinary medicine for all household pets and livestock. Your children will learn about how to prevent dental disease in your family pet by regular tooth brushing. We will show fun and interesting x-rays, where your children can see what puppies inside a pregnant dog look like, as well […]

Hood River Alpine Vet Hosts 4-H Cat Show

Visitors to Hood River Alpine Vet this past Saturday March 28th were treated to an unusual sight in our large animal barn. Children from three counties encompassing four cities were represented, bringing with them a clowder of cats.
You may ask, “How does one show a cat?” I’ll leave that up to the experts, but I can share a few things I learned. This 4-H cat show was divided into two main events: Fitting and Showing, and Breed Type. If you are familiar with horse shows, these would correspond roughly to Showmanship and Conformation. In Fitting and Showing, the 4-Her demonstrates […]

Washington State 4-H Fair

Cats in Action is a cat 4-H club based out of Skamania County. Dr Foss and his wife Sharon are the leaders. This year six out of seven of the club’s members qualified to show their cats at the State Fair.Here are some photos of the kids that went to State Fair: Daniel, Luke, and Hannah Kempf, Elizabeth Bible, and Shannon and Rachel Foss.

Members of Cats in Action did well at State! The highlights are:

Rachel Foss: Reserve Grand Champion Longhair Male Cat
Daniel Kempf: Grand Champion Senior Female Cat
Reserve Grand Champion Senior Cat
Luke Kempf: 6th Place Intermediate Fitting and Showing

Team Points: […]