Taking horses to a foreign country

House Calls: Our farm animal patients often can not come into the clinic so we offer

Farm Call services. Our small animal patients usually come in to the clinic but we do make House Calls, especially for performing euthanasia. When coming to your farm we require good directions including street name and number of where we are going to meet you plus a phone number where you can be contacted.

Equine Sports Medicine: Performing horses have special problems that are difficult to solve. Dr. Foss is often able to help because he watches hundreds of performance horses every year and works with these horses in performance settings. Dr. Foss has experience

with race horses, jumpers, reiners, endurance horses, barrel horses and show horses. Dr. Foss has been the Team Veterinarian for several World Championship Endurance Horse teams and brings this world wide experience to you.

International Travel: Traveling to a foreign country with your pet can be a harrowing experience. We are experienced and willing to take the time needed to do the paperwork  to get you there. We have helped get dogs, cats and horses to Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, United Arab Emmirates and Canada.