Lameness Diagnosis and Treatments: Dogs in the Columbia River Gorge are active dogs and come in with a wide range of lamenesses. Athletic dogs often injure their knees, just like skiers! Old dogs usually suffer from arthritis. Diagnosing and treating these conditions is what we do!

Surgical Specialist, Dr Steve Petersen DMV DACV is available to see our patients with severe bone, tendon, and soft tissue problems. We are very happy to be able to offer our patients such specialized care in the gorge.

Acupuncture is used often to help our patients who are experiencing pain get relief. Old age arthritis is difficult to manage with medications alone. Many of our older doggy patients benefit from monthly acupuncture treatments. Helping them to maintain a higher quality of life. Other conditions that benefit from acupuncture are: knee injuries, allergies, back and neck pain and non-healing wounds.

Weight Management Program: Obesity is more of a problem for our dogs than it is for people. Just like people, dogs live longer when they eat and exercise correctly. A variety of diets and management plans are available to help you keep your dog trim. We encourage you to drop in and use our scales to monitor your dogs weight.

OFA Xrays: Orthopedic Foundation of America evaluates radiographs to certify dogs hips and elbows. Radiographs are taken in our office and sent to the OFA.