ECG with annual exam: Cats are just as susceptible to heart disease as humans and dogs, and early detection is essential to helping them live a long, healthy life. Congenital heart disease can be present in the cat from birth, and with an ECG we can find slight changes that affect the heart muscle even before you notice changes in your cat’s behavior. If we find any heart abnormality using the ECG, we offer in-house cardiac ultrasound to further evaluate the need for treatment. Early treatment of heart disease can allow your cat to live well into his or her teens!

In-clinic Feline Leukemia testing: The Feline Leukemia Virus is deadly in the cat population, and you should make sure, when bringing a new cat into your household, that your new pet is free of the virus. With a simple blood draw, we can test for this virus and get results within 10 minutes while you wait.

Diabetes & Kidney Disease management: As the cat population in the US lives longer, we are faced with more chronic illnesses such as diabetes and kidney disease. These diseases can be treated, especially if caught early in the disease. Annual exam and blood test for geriatric cats can help to add years to their lives. We offer the most current treatment options for both of these diseases.