Sharon Foss earned her degree and license as a veterinary technician in Minnesota in 1985, where she worked for 2 years at a mostly large animal 6 veterinarian practice.

Sharon FossShe then moved out to White Salmon to take a job as technician for Alpine Veterinary Hospital in 1987. A year later she and Dr. Mike Foss were married and have enjoyed being married as well as working together for 27 years.

” We have three children, five cats, three dogs, and two horses. Let’s just say we are not bored. We enjoy working on the horse endurance circuit for fun, and fit in as much traveling and camping as we can.”

Sharon is also very proud to announce that her daughter Rachel will be following her Dad’s footsteps in becoming the next veterinarian in the family. Sharon is also the Office manager and helps to keep the office running smoothly.