February is Dental month at Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital.   We are offering a 15% discount on Dentals for your pets.

Dogs and Cats can develop bad breath, gingivitis and tarter build-up leading to tooth loss.  If these conditions are left untreated, the bacteria and decay in your pet’s mouth can lead to problems with the heart and kidneys. Weight loss and poor appetite can also be a sign that your pet has dental problems.

Horses can also have dental problems.  If you see your horse dropping grain or taking forever to eat a meal, this could be a sign of a sore mouth or badly aligned teeth.  Improper alignment can lead to weight loss and other major health problems. 

Watch your mailbox for our postcard offering you a discount on dentals for your pets.  If you have questions, please call Hood River Alpine Vet at (541)386-6658.