Pets never seem to wait for the office to open to become sick! We know this and have offered emergency service the day we opened. We work with two other veterinary clinics to provide emergency service 365 days a year. Simply call our regular phone number 541-386-6658 and our answering service will relay you to the doctor on call.

Helpful Advice in Emergencies

If you think your pet is in a serious condition which is painful or life threatening we encourage you to call and talk to a doctor. There are a few questions we are likely to ask.

  • What is your pet’s problem?
  • Is your pet in distress?
  • What are your pet’s symptoms?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • Do you feel your pet needs to be seen?

If you have a large animal and will require a farm call we will need a street address, good directions and a phone number where we can call you if we can not find your location. We will also require that your animal be caught.

If we do not call you within 10 minutes please call back. Please stay off of your phone while you await our call.