Rattlesnakes in the Gorge

Did you know we have rattlesnakes in our area? Every year, here at Alpine Veterinary Hospital, we see a handful of dogs who have been putting their nose or paws where they shouldn’t and it resulted in a strike from a rattlesnake and a very swollen leg or face. Rattlesnakes can be found in the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains and eastern parts of the Columbia River Gorge. Although dogs are the majority of the patients we see, horses and cats get bitten too.

If your dog is bitten by a rattlesnake it is important to keep the dog or […]

Euthanasia; when is it time to say goodbye?

As pet owners we may be faced with difficult decisions involving caring for a pet that is terminally ill or in the end stages of life. How long do we provide care? How do we evaluate quality of life? How can we objectively make decisions about ending or prolonging our pet’s life? None of these questions are easy and there is no one solution that fits all. End of life decisions are personally and emotionally difficult to make. The doctors at HR Alpine Vet have been asked many times over, how do you make a decision to end a pet’s […]

Equine Herpes Virus infections

Update; From the Oregon State Veterinarian; May 19,2011

 We now have two confirmed cases of EHM in Oregon. The second case
 occurred in a horse from Umatilla County that was not at the show in
 Ogden but travelled some hours in the same trailer with two horses
 that were returning from the show. As of latest report, the EHM
 positive horse only exhibited a high temperature and not any
 neurological signs.

World Equestrian Games

For human athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate goal. For equine athletes—and their people—it’s the World Equestrian Games. Like the Olympics, the WEG are held every four years, and hosting them is a great national honor. For the first time, the Games were held in the United States in 2010 and Dr. Mike Foss was a part of them. He was asked to serve as Team Veterinarian, but not for the U.S. Team as in the past. Dr. Foss was the team vet for Japan’s Endurance Team.
“I met some of the Japanese Endurance Team people when I was at a […]

Foaling pictures – Clarissa and her colt

Clarissa is a registered Haflinger and was a volunteer at Alpine’s open house a couple of months ago. Many of the kids commented that she was very round… we can now see why.


Clarissa was bred with a quarter horse, hoping to have another driving horse who is larger than her. Here are some pictures of the progression of her foaling: