Rattlesnakes in the Gorge

Did you know we have rattlesnakes in our area? Every year, here at Alpine Veterinary Hospital, we see a handful of dogs who have been putting their nose or paws where they shouldn’t and it resulted in a strike from a rattlesnake and a very swollen leg or face. Rattlesnakes can be found in the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains and eastern parts of the Columbia River Gorge. Although dogs are the majority of the patients we see, horses and cats get bitten too.

If your dog is bitten by a rattlesnake it is important to keep the dog or […]

Euthanasia; when is it time to say goodbye?

As pet owners we may be faced with difficult decisions involving caring for a pet that is terminally ill or in the end stages of life. How long do we provide care? How do we evaluate quality of life? How can we objectively make decisions about ending or prolonging our pet’s life? None of these questions are easy and there is no one solution that fits all. End of life decisions are personally and emotionally difficult to make. The doctors at HR Alpine Vet have been asked many times over, how do you make a decision to end a pet’s […]

New Benefits When You Microchip Your Pet

A missing pet causes a lot of worry and anxiety for the pet owner. Microchipping your pet is the best way to ensure guaranteed identification since tags and collars can often fall off during their “runaway adventures”. Placing a microchip can easily be done at an office exam or while under anesthesia for another procedure. All shelters and veterinary clinics have scanners to identify microchips and recognize their individual numbers.

Each individual microchip contains a number that is entered into a national database and then linked to the owner’s or veterinary clinic’s information. Microchip registration is free, but if you wish […]

Hood River Alpine Vet Hosts 4-H Cat Show

Visitors to Hood River Alpine Vet this past Saturday March 28th were treated to an unusual sight in our large animal barn. Children from three counties encompassing four cities were represented, bringing with them a clowder of cats.
You may ask, “How does one show a cat?” I’ll leave that up to the experts, but I can share a few things I learned. This 4-H cat show was divided into two main events: Fitting and Showing, and Breed Type. If you are familiar with horse shows, these would correspond roughly to Showmanship and Conformation. In Fitting and Showing, the 4-Her demonstrates […]