Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital has been serving the Gorge since 1988. The clinic is part of a bigger gorge based group, Wolf, Davidson and Foss PC. Wolf, Davidson and Foss started in 1958 when the founder, Dr. Milt Skov came to The Dalles.

At that time he serviced and area extending from Cascade Locks to Arlington to Heppner. Some cattle ranches were so hard to get to that Dr. Skov would make his farm calls in a plane!

In 1968, Dr. Wally Wolf came into the practice. That same year Wolf and Skov built the current building for The Dalles Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Dan Davidson joined the practice in 1978 and opened the Bingen Alpine Veterinary Hospital in 1979.

Dr. Mike Foss joined the group in 1984 and worked at the Bingen Alpine Veterinary Hospital.

In 1988 Dr. Foss designed, built and opened the Hood River Alpine Veterinary Hospital.

I991 was a year of changes for the group. Dr. Skov retired, Dr. Davidson moved to The Dalles to fill the vacancy left by Dr. Skov and Dr. Foss took over management of the Bingen Alpine Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Craig Vance joined the group in 1993 and has taken care of the Bingen Alpine Veterinary Hospital ever since.